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The nickname of Iraq is the “cradle of civilization.” Perhaps this is explained in part by the fact that there are high numbers of Iraqi foreign born individuals in Michigan, California, and Illinois. Even if someone is not from the area, they might still want to collect the Iraq currency. Collecting money from places all over the world is a fun hobby for many individuals, and buying Iraqi dinar for sale might be the only way to finish a collection. The Iraq currency is as unique as the place it is from, so no collection is complete without it.

Issued by the Central Bank of Iraq, the Iraq currency is subdivided into 1,000 fils even though inflation has rendered them obsolete. In fact, in 2002, the Central Bank issued a 10,000 dinars note meant for “larger, and inter bank transactions.” Later, in 2004, a 500 dinars not was introduced. The often changing nature of Iraq currency means that it is difficult for individuals to get a complete collection, especially if they do not live or spend time in the region. However, that challenge might be one of the reasons why people enjoy collecting money and trying to find all of the Iraq currency notes for their collection. References:

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