Seeking Legal Cousel from a Divorce Attorney Portland

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Couples in the United States cite a number of reasons for filing for divorce. These reasons include infidelity, which is also associated with a higher risk of having a major cardiovascular event, betrayal, loss of interest, and inability to communicate. Individuals going through a divorce could use the help of a divorce attorney portland.

Many individuals across the United States go through a divorce at some point in their lives. In fact, Ronald Regan even went through a divorce. Portland divorce lawyers can help individuals going through a divorce by providing legal counsel through the entire process.

Whether you are part of the 73 percent who is undergoing a divorce of a third marriage or you are a 29 year old female going through your first divorce, a divorce attorney Portland can help. A divorce attorney Portland can help seek spousal support Portland, divide up assets, and handle any issues that may arise between the two parties.

In circumstances where children are involved, a divorce attorney Portland may be able to recommend a family law attorney. A family law attorney Portland can help couples create a parenting plan and even provide legal counsel during a child custody hearing.
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