DITY Move Facts

Dity move calculator army 2011

If you are thinking of doing a DITY move instead of letting the Government move you to your next military relocation then there are a few things you need to know. First off, military DITY moves, which are also sometimes called personally procured moves, are very seldom recommended for overseas relocation. A military move can be very stressful on the service member and his family whether it is a DITY move or a Government procured move.

Each year 225,000 Department of Defense and United States Coast Guard household goods shipments are moved during the summer months alone. That is a lot of military moving in a short three months. It is important to remember that the Government Constructed Cost or the GCC is defined as the amount the Government would have had to pay to move the service member, their family, and their households to another location during a Government procured move. During a DITY move, or personally procured move, the Government will pay up to, but not, exceeding the service members authorized weight allowance. If you are considering a DITY move you need to contact your shipping office for your authorized weight allowance.

This is also where a DITY move calculator can come in handy. The calculator can help you to get the correct weight for your move, and may even be able to help you make a profit when the entire move is completed and you are settled in. A military DITY move can be stressful so make sure that you know what you are getting into before you start the move. It is very important to remember that during a DITY move, any loss or damage that occurs is considered to be a result of improper packing by either the service member or the handling company. This means that the Government will not assume the responsibility for any loss or damages that occur during a DITY move.

Once you are all moved in and settled down it is easy to forget that you made a DITY move. However, you need to be aware that after you have finished your DITY move you have only 45 days to submit your claim for full payment of your DITY move allowance. Make sure that you get this done are your personal procured move will end up being one that you and your family pay for all on your own, without the Governments help at all.
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