Real Estate Postcards

Blank postcards

It wasn’t until around 1870 that the very first postcard with a picture was created. The postcard had a picture on one side and was created in France at a place called Camp Conlie. This camp was a training camp for soldiers during the Franco Prussian war. Today, there are all types of postcards, including real estate postcards. Real estate postcards show pictures of land and homes, as well as commercial property and business buildings. Back in 1893, the very first souvenir postcard was printed in America. The postcard was actually used to advertise the Columbian Exposition that took place in Chicago.

In addition to finding real estate postcards fairly easy online, business postcards and postcard printing services are also easily found on the web. Recent studies show that around 152.3 billion dollars were spent on direct marketing during 2010. Direct mail postcards can be used for marketing purposes. Direct mail marketing was started back in 1872 when the very first Montgomery Ward catalog was published and printed in bulk. A lot of people between the ages of 18 and 34 still prefer traditional postal mail over email. Customized postcards are provided by companies specializing in custom postcard printing.

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