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It has been a long time since vinyl became a stand in for natural rubber, which was in short supply due to the WWII war effort. Vinyl fabrics like the kind used for vinyl sign material and other types of printable vinyl is practically ubiquitous in modern America. The first 2 vinyl products to be produced were golf balls, and shoe heels, and, now vinyl like the kind in vinyl sign material is widely used for toys for kids because it is durable, safe, and easy to clean.

Polyvinyl chloride (more commonly known as PVC) was created by Eugen Baumen, a German chemist, in 1872, although he never applied for a patent. Waldo L. Semon, a researcher for B.F. Goodrich, invented plasticized polyvinyl chloride in the year 1926. Since then, vinyl coated fabric, laminate fabric, and vinyl sign material has become an increasingly popular material for industrial uses, digital and screen printing media, and much more.

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