Unique twists on a venue for house parties

Gatehouse holiday

Who says that a house is the only possible venue for house parties? Forget looking for a big house to rent. If you happen to need to rent a venue for house parties while on vacation, some vacation accommodations that would be considered non traditional include: yurts, riads, trains, castles, windmills, tipis, and Airstreams.

When hosting a house party, do not even bother making a reservation to rent a house or staying in a hotel. Instead, choose from one of many quirky places to stay like a yurt, cottage, converted church, castle, tree house, or train carriage. There is also the option of glamping. Glamping, or upscale camping, is a more reasonable alternative to staying in a hotel. Glamping tents provide many of the same amenities that a hotel offers, but at a fraction of the cost. And honestly, who would not want to spend a holiday in a yurt outdoors, enjoying all of nature’s beauty? As a side note, 798,110 people experienced nature’s beauty by visiting the Isle of Wight in 2012.

If you feel that a venue for house parties should include four walls, there is always the option of an ecolodge. Ecolodges are situated in a rural area, which means that they not as affected by a nearby townsite, its noise, traffic, smog, or pollution. This way, the venue for the house party can still be amidst nature; just less exposed to the elements. Another option for a venue for house parties is a cortijo when spending holiday in northern spain. Cortijos expose you to nature, but have all of the comforts that an actual structure provides.

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