Hummus Nutrition Dips

Recipes with hummus

Hummus is an Arabic word that stands for ‘chickpeas’ and the full name of hummus dip is ‘hummus bi tahini’ that stands for ‘chickpeas with tahini.’ In terms of hummus nutrition, one serving has one percent of the recommended daily amount of riboflavin, potassium, vitamin B6 and calcium. There are various kinds of hummus recipes that you can purchase to further attain the flavor that you want for your drip. A hummus spread is the perfect thing to place with the other appetizers of a party that will likely be something most people have not seen or tried before. Explore the various recipes with hummus out there and purchase the ones that have quality hummus nutrition if you want to provide something that contains healthy amounts of protein and such.

The most common use of hummus would be in dip that is served alongside vegetables or pita bread. Those wanting to follow tradition will top their plates with a drizzle of olive oil and chopped parsley or paprika. As you can see, this type of dip has been around for countless years and comes from an Arabic tradition. The earliest recipe for a similar dish to modern hummus is traced to thirteenth century Egypt. Whatever the case may be, there are sufficient recipes that have been created with hummus nutrition in mind so that people can be aware of what is going into their bodies. Use the web to learn more about hummus and the different spreads out there.

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