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Imago means ” ‘the inner unconscious image of the opposite sex’ or what you’re looking for in a partner but aren’t aware of.” Imago therapy is relationship based, focusing more on techniques like the couples retreat rather than the strict focus on the individual that much of the more traditional relationship counselling Calgary can offer. For Calgary relationship therapy, Imago therapy serves to keep the focus on the relationship, and what the individual seeks to find their, rather than unproductive narcissism and self analysis. Dr Harville Hendrix created Imago therapy as a necessary response to the existing counselling of the time. His book, “Getting the love you want” is an important text, with much to offer. Its recent addition to the wide array of Calgary relationship therapy available is an important change in the local therapeutic community. The idea of the imago itself has roots in the therapy and theories of Jung, and in his work refers tot he kind of mirror image of ourselves we project onto others, to the mirror of our own soul we see in the one we love. In Calgary relationship therapy has tended to shy away from the important work of Hendrix and Jung. In Calgary relationship therapy has needed exactly these ideas.
For those seeking relationship counselling Calgary can be an unforgiving place. For Calgary relationship therapy can be crucial if your relationship is going to survive.The harsh winters seem to encourage us to isolate ourselves, and for the residents of Calgary marriage counselling has become more and more of a need. For those who have become isolated, or whose marriage is strained, and who the seek marriage counselling Calgary can be an unforgiving place. for those who need relationship counselling Calgary can be hard to navigate, offering a confusing array of options. For couple counselling Calgary can offer too many options and leave many Calgary residents confused as to where to go, and what type of therapy to seek out. Imago therapy allows us to see what we project onto others, what we seek to find in the other’s eyes, through the long Calvary winters. Should it not be love? Check out this website for more.

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