Urinary Catheter Supplies

Indwelling foley catheter

During the 1930s, Foley Catheters first came on the scene by a surgeon named Frederic Foley. However, the design of the catheter has been around for quite some time, showing its roots even in ancient cultures. Ancient Syrians designed catheters out of hollow reeds, and even ancient Greeks used catheters that are fashioned from metal. Today, urinary catheter supplies are easily obtained, especially with the internet. There are many different types of urinary catheter supplies to choose from.

If you’re looking for catheter supplies, it’s highly advised to research the information and resources that are made available on the web. Some urinary catheter supplies are designed with latex, which can be a problem for those who are sensitive to latex. However, there latex free urinary catheter supplies that are also available for patients as well. Therefore, it’s important to determine what type of urinary catheter supplies will best meet your needs before shopping around. There are many reasons why people require catheters, one of which involves spinal cord injuries. 33 percent of all spinal cord injuries are a direct result of an automobile accident.

The type of Medicare catheter supplies that are available online are directly impacted by innovative thinkers, such as Benjamin Franklin. The first flexible catheter was invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1752, using segments made from metal hinges. Today, urinary catheter supplies continue to vary in design and a wide range of materials are used to provide patients comfort. It’s advised to research Medicare catheter coverage if you’re looking for urinary catheter supplies and are currently covered under Medicare.

While comparing urinary catheter supplies online, it’s advised to read reviews. Reviews about medical supplies can be found in medical forums, social networks, blogs, and review sites. Reading reviews is considered important if you’re looking for urinary catheter supplies because people share their opinions and experiences with different types of catheters. Self catheter supplies are also available online as well for those who are looking for other urinary catheter supplies. Speaking with several doctors is another way to gain referrals for catheters and supplies as well.


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