Microgreens For Your Plate

Micro herbs

As a trend in the food industry, micro greens, micro herbs and edible flowers for salads have made their way into the marketplace. These tasty food accents provide a delicious taste combined with a sophisticated look. Specialty food stores and certain markets that specialize in produce have carried these products for decades, but it is only recently that there has been a much greater interest in the general public of what micro greens are, and how they can add to food preparations. When mixed in with dishes that you normally prepare, micro greens can provide both flavor and nutritional value.

Micro greens is a term which is used to describe green vegetables and herbs which are edible, but that are also harvested before they grow their true set of leaves. In this stage, the concentration of nutritional content may be much more dense than when the micro greens and other specialty produce reach maturity. Because of their size, microgreens are also a much less distracting and commanding ingredient to use in a dish. While they are able to provide a great deal of nutritional value, their flavor may not be as strong or overpowering. This can make them a much more suitable complement for many dishes. While some micro greens may have a more subtle flavor in this stage, there are also others which may have a stronger flavor as well. This can make them a great flavoring ingredient for salads, soups, and other entrees.

The nutritional value of all micro greens will be different from plant to plant. If you are interested in maintaining a healthy diet, then leafy greens and dark greens can be some of the most nutrient dense micro greens available. If you are interested in purchasing these plants for your dinner table, be sure to purchase your greens from a trusted seller and grower. Almost all of the micro greens that you will find on the market are organic, but it is important to verify this with the seller. You may also want to ask information about how to use these plants in dishes, as the flavor profile may be different from the more mature version. With these plants, you can get a nutritious and easy to prepare food that can provide a great look to any plate.

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