How Using a Laptop Scanner Can Help Any Enterprise

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According to a major accounting and business firm, the typical business in this country makes about 19 copies of a document, spending $20 in labor fees to file each of its documents and $120 in labor to search for any document that has been misplaced. This is a ridiculously high amount of dollars going into a business expense that could be prevented with a nice laptop scanner. With a laptop scanner, scanning is simple, and documents are kept safe forever.

The use of a laptop scanner eliminates the need to make all of those copies and file all of those documents. It also avoids the circumstance that allows for a document to get lost. Unless it is entirely deleted from the scanner itself, the document that is scanned will always be somewhere on file, safe from deletion and from getting lost. This saves business owners money, and it saves them time by not having to scrounge around searching for lost documents or charging their employees to do so.

Having a laptop scanner also frees up paper and virtual space for businesses too. This necessary space could be used for equipment and office supplies from a paper based standpoint, and from a virtual standpoint other digital items can be saved in folders that formerly were reserved for digital documents. The scanner itself stores everything and helps free up server space, lowering costs for companies.

Business cards are of particular interest with scanners today. With laptop scanners, companies can either scan business cards that will take a snapshot and then digitally store the card, or they could use a business card reader that captures the information and stores it accordingly. Both methods are perfectly feasible and save yet more time in developing and storing important contacts.

With a nice business card scanner, everything will be tucked away safely and can be easily recovered when needed too. Imagine a world without cumbersome Rolodexes or challenging paper based storage methods. Well, that world is here, since a noted analyst firm anticipates more than half of all server workloads will be digitized or virtualized by 2017, meaning these companies will have some kind of digital filing system. To cut down on the average 10,000 sheets of paper per year that the average employee uses, order a laptop scanner today. And while you are at it, make it a portable scanner so documents can be scanned from anywhere.


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