Use A DITY Move Calculator

It is never easy when you have to make a big move on your own, and a do it yourself move is no exception. However, there are some great DITY move calculator services out there that will make your life a heck of a lot easier than it would be if you tried to make the move all on your own.

The way that a DITY move calculator service works by taking what you know about the details of your move. This means the distance that you will move, how much you are moving and what is the total weight of your things being moved. The weight part matters since there are some things that you will move that will be paid for by the military as you make the move to a new station.

Once you know what the weight of the things that you are going to have the military ship for you, you can take that weight to the DITY move calculator service and plug in the numbers. You will then see a result that amounts to what the military is going to move for you, and they will ship those items. Then, when you have an idea of how far you are going to travel with your other items, you can plan to track the total number of miles and set up a plan for reimbursement since you are moving for military reasons.

This will also matter based on what sort of move it is that you are about to make. If you are making a permanent change of station, then your use of a DITY move calculator will come back with one result for the total cost. If you are just making a temporary or additional duty move, then your DITY move calculator will come back with a different cost. Both are subject to rules about how much you will be reimbursed, how much can be shipped to your new station and what sort of items are approved for shipment.

Specific DITY move calculator questions should be directed to an expert. This means getting in touch with the superior that you currently report to and asking for details, then following their instruction. If they cannot answer your Dity move calculator questions on their own, they will direct you to someone who can answer your specific questions about approved weight, timing the move to the new station and more.