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  • Who are these mystery shoppers and how do you become one?

    Did you ever wonder who those mystery shoppers are that you hear so much about? Are they secret people that businesses hire to spy on other businesses? Are they covert operating people who enjoy spying on unsuspecting shoppers? If you’re like most people, there is a bit of curiosity surrounding the business of mystery shoppers. […]

  • Mystery Shopper Agencies The Shopping Services That Can Bring Customers Back

    A mystery shopper agency is a good way to measure customer satisfaction. What the top mystery shopping companies do is they provide a snapshot of how your company functions in the real world. In other words, they report on how your business appears to operate to the people who actually use them. And, for this […]

  • Would A Retail Audit Team Approve You?

    As your store grows and moves forward within its market, it is important to be sure everything is running smoothly and accurately each day. This means checking on both internal representation and customer service along with many other aspects your clients and customers are seeing. By choosing a retail audit team to check on the […]